Bucket List

1. Get married
2. Have kids
3. Go on a mission trip to India
4. Publish/self-publish a book
5. Shave off all my hair for charity
7. Make a dress from scratch
8. Stay up all night
9. Go into Liberty/Harrods/True Religion and buy something 
really expensive, when the shop assistants don't expect me to
10. Visit the Grand Canyon
11. Sing in a karaoke bar
(do they even exist anymore??)
12. Speak another language fluently
13. Swim in the salt lake of Salt Lake City
14. Dye my hair ginger
 15. Meet Taylor Swift
16. Run/walk a marathon
17. Protest about something I care about
18. Go on a spontaneous road trip and just drive 
until we find somewhere we like the sound of
19. Buy flowers and put them on a neglected grave
20. Move to America
(if we can get a visa!!)
21. Donate blood
22. Go to a proper, old-school festival
23. Have a conversation with a homeless person