Copycat Friday #9

Dress: Forever 21/Cardigan: New Look/Shoes (unseen): Primark

For this month's copycat Friday, I thought I'd find inspiration in my all time favourite singer; Taylor Swift! Some people think she's cheesy or just plain boring, but I think she is awesome and I love her songs :) Also, she has great style! So this is the outfit that I am copying today:


I would love to participate in the "A Blaze" series link up, but I have a long post about relationships lined up for tomorrow, so I didn't want to bombard you with too much writing! But seriously, check out the great posts on seeking God when your single, dating, breaking up and marriage!

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ps. Thank you so much to all my new followers! Glad you liked my blog and I hope you'll stick around and I can get to know you too :)

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The Girl Behind the Blog Vlog #2

I seriously apologise for talking with my hands, the angle of the camera makes them look huge! I thought that I wouldn't like this one as much as my last one because I made it on my phone and not a fancy DSLR, but I think this one is a lot more me and less presenter/advert!

I hope you like it!

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Kate Middleton, eat your heart out.

First of all, an imaginary gold star goes to the person who can tell me where the quote in my post title is from :)

As a present to myself for finishing my exams and because I just really, really wanted them, I bought myself some nude heels. They make your legs look longer and seriously go with anything (another post for another time, eh?) and I seriously lack proper heels which cost more than £3.50 (I am being totally serious, I used to buy the reduced shoes with my staff discount when I worked at the cheapest chop ever!). And as the papers always go on about Kate Middleton's nude shoes, and I love Kate Middleton, I thought I would come up with Kate inspired outfit for you guys :) She always wears lace and regularly wears blue, so I thought it was pretty fitting.

Also, I figured that if I could have gone to Ascot, I totally would have worn this outfit.

Now I am free from exams and college and all things mandatory, I am looking forward to finally getting my sewing machine and being creative for the summer- I have so many projects already written down in a long list :) I hope to share them with you guys!

Have an awesome weekend, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! (it isn't here!)

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Introducing: Thursday is for Sewing

 As a way of really getting into my Kite Project (to sew three dresses, two skirts and a t-shirt) I thought I'd get into the habit of sewing by making Thursday my sewing day! Once I've finished college it'll be my day to really get to grips with sewing, whether it is taking in a t-shirt so it fits better or sewing a skirt from scratch :) 

Today I used Cotton & Curl's DIY on how to shorten a shirt without cutting or hemming to fix up this baggy long shirt of mine that I bought ages ago and refused to wear because it was so tent-like! It took me a lot longer than it looked like it would, and I didn't even have a button to put on it so I just sewed it entirely (I figured that I wouldn't ever wear it undone anyway!) but it really got me excited about sewing.

I thought I'd make a random button for Thursday is for Sewing just to make sure that I really do make it into a regular, weekly event! Don't you just love the writing! It reminded me of The Great Gatsby :)

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It might have just cost me my English exam.

Sometimes you just have to stop, take a deep breath, take a bunch of photos, and watch the sun set.

Happy Wednesday,
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Double denim: Yay or Nay?

I don't know what the rules are with double denim. I have never really considered wearing it. Ever. Until today when I chucked on my chambray shirt because it was crazy windy and I was cold. I am not leaving the house today as I am (supposed to be) revising for my exams next week, but just in case I did want to venture out into the big, judgemental world, what way is best to wear double denim? Or should I just save it for cold anti-social revision days?

Happy Father's day!

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Kayla's choice :)

Today it was Kayla's choice, and she chose this awesome, summery outfit:

And today it was actually vaguely sunny! I still didn't wear shades, but I could have done :) I don't have a denim vest, or indeed any vest, so I went for a chambray shirt instead.

Oh and just to settle a debate between me and my mother, what colour is my maxi skirt? Obviously it is turquoise, but is it more blue or green?

Say :)

ps. I may or may not participate tomorrow, the inspiration is awesome, but I seriously have nothing even vaguely resembling her outfit! And I don't even have something the same colour :P


Grace's pick :)

Grace picked the inspiration today, this picture of Reese Witherspoon:

And this was my take on it :) I tried to pose with a bag, but I gave up on that after the first picture! I also thought about putting on shades to pretend that it was sunny over here, but I felt kind of silly standing in the drizzle (invisible in the photos- yay!) in my sunglasses!

These were all taken before I found out that I didn't get the amazing job that I had kind of put all of my energy into getting. After an insensitive phone call from the recruitment team, I ugly cried for a good couple of hours, both on my own and to my mother. It was kind of the good think in my life, so I was absolutely devastated not to get it. But I now know that I definitely don't want to go to University in September to study law. I was never completely convinced, and now I know that, at least for now, I am not going to go. I will go on a gap year and work out whether to go to University, perhaps to study English, or do something else.

The next year is going to be spent pretty much constantly in prayer, but I trust that God will use me to do something amazing. After all, I have always wanted to travel and go on a mission project to South America, so you never know... :)

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Erica's pick :)

I didn't want to put these pictures up until I had heard whether I had got my job or not, but as 6 O'clock came and past, I figured that they weren't going to phone today. I am really excited to take part in Open To Interpretation for the next couple of days, and today the picture was this one chosen by Erica:

Unfortunately it is grey, rainy and cold, so shorts were off the menu! But I loved the combination of the smart and casual and the bright dash of colour :) So here is what I came up with:

Jumping in a maxi skirt isn't exactly easy :P Hope you guys had an awesome Monday and have a great week, I know I will be biting my nails until I found out about PwC!

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I am feeling kind of proud of myself for two reasons. And not in a selfish, seven deadly sins kind of way. Particularly as I know that one of the things is very clearly not me, but God instead.

1. I bought this skirt at forever 21 yesterday and it was reduced because there stitching had come undone (yes I am one of those people who buys the damaged because they are cheaper!). Normally I never get round to fixing them so I would have been better off either paying full price or not buying them at all. But this morning I sat down and actually fixed it so I could wear it today! It took all of three minutes and now I have an awesome pencil skirt that cost me £3.49! :)

2. I am really happy with how my interview went yesterday. I was so, so nervous, but it was all right. I felt confident talking to him about various different 'times when I have learnt something new/had a different working style/shown integrity/did something I was proud of' and definitely thought that I came across well. So even if I don't get the job, I won't be kicking myself about how the interview went. I really, really want it, but also as I was praying about it, I really just felt a calm come over me and I just knew that even if I don't get it, I should be crazy excited because God has something even more amazing waiting for me. And seeing as this job was so good, it will be something awesome. So I am not so worried. Also, it was really nice because I knew that so many people were praying for me, even a lovely old woman who I speak to at church phoned me up the day before to tell me that she would be thinking of me as I was in my interview. It made me so much more confident and happy about it.

And now all I have to do is wait. I find out Monday, wish me luck.

Say :)

ps. I have a new button if anyone has my old one :)


Insta-life :)

 I feel like I haven't done an instagram photo-drop in ages, so as the weather is so awful at the moment and I haven't been able to take outfit photos, I thought I'd stick 'em all on today :)

Amongst the photos above I am leaving college, babysitting, receiving new camera lenses, taking vain pictures of myself and trying to set up a photography website. More news on that when it's finished ;)

These photos remind me that we did have sun once upon a time!

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God save the Queen (and not the Sex Pistols song!)

England isn't a massively patriotic country, and although I realise how lucky I am to be born in a country where I have the opportunity to do or be anything that I want, I am not really bothered about being English. I mean, I love the hills, the countryside and the NHS (even though everyone complains about it!) but I don't really consider being English as a massive part of my identity.

But today was pretty awesome. I love the Queen, I think she is adorable and that she was so stunningly beautiful when she was younger. I think that she does a great job :) And as we celebrated in the Church hall (as usual, it was raining!) it actually felt like a community.

So for today I was glad to be British.

But I was happy for another reason; this picture. A while back I had this really stupid dream about my dad being run over and it was horrible, and when I woke up, I swore down that I would hug my dad when I next saw him. But I didn't. It's not really something either of us are used to, and I kind of thought he would be freaked out. And then today when me and Annie were setting up and messing around with my camera lenses, we posed for this photo. And I love it. I'm not really sure why it meant so much to me, but it really did. We are both smiling and he has his arm around me and I guess it was just nice to know that he is actually there for me.

See y'all around,

Say x

ps. If I don't post for ages, be worried, I've probably died. I got bitten last night and it swelled up like crazy and now my calf is completely consumed by bug bite. Jus' letting you know!