The most perfect tee ever.

I find it really hard to find decent t-shirts that don't make me look chunky. I'm one of those in-between people who isn't skinny enough to be able to wear too baggy tees because they make me look bigger than I am, but yet tight tees aren't flattering either. And then I found this tee in H&M by pure accident. And somehow the fit is perfect. It isn't plain jersey, it has a very slight chevron pattern on it and I love it. Seriously, look how versatile it is!

With a black maxi skirt, loose or tucked in and belted.

With a shorter skirt, dressed up with a blazer or tucked in with a fancy necklace.

Over a dress, tied or loose.

Tucked in at the front with cropped jeans.

With coloured skinnies and a floral head scarf.

Simply with jeans, dressed up with a mint under-shirt and a fancy necklace.

And it even works dressed up with a blazer and turquoise maxi skirt!

In fact, I loved it so much that when I went to London, I deliberately went and bought a black one! Let's face it, sooner or later I would have needed another tee and I will never be able to find one as awesome as this!

I was going to put a link to it on the H&M website, but it's sold out online! That's because it's amazing.

That's all,
Say x


The three of us again :)

This weekend, me and my siblings made the most of the gorgeous blue skies and went for a long walk around our village and the surrounding fields :) We swung in the most unsafe tyre swing ever, made grass angels and had a down-hill race through knee-high grass. It was such a perfect way to start the summer :)

How was you weekend?
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Copycat Friday #7

So today is copycat friday and I am taking inspiration from this awesome outfit here :)

The black tights almost killed me in this heat, but I forced myself to wear them when I took the photos, just so it completed the look :)

I have to admit that my last day at college was a bit of an anti-climax, people went home as they finished their lessons, some people at 10:30, others at lunch time whilst some people (like me) went home after an exam. I just sort of walked out like it was nothing, just another day, as if I'm going back  on Monday. I think it will hit me next week when my brother goes to school and I... don't.

Anyway, I am hoping that being off college means that I can do more outfit posts! And I can't wait :)

Say x

FrillsforThrills CopyCats


Getting ready for a long summer :)

Tomorrow is my very last (official) day of college before study leave, revision classes and exams! It was strange to think that I'm never going to have English Literature or Law ever again after today, but it was also kind of exciting because it was another reminder that, come September, my whole life is going to change, whether I go to university or get my job. I will miss all the people I've come to know and love, but college is just a small part of my life and I can't wait to explore the rest!

Oh and I am so grateful for the lovely response to my post yesterday, honestly your messages meant so much to me :)

Say x



Breaking up after a long relationship is difficult, for so many reasons. But one I'm really struggling with at the moment is simply being alone after spending my life with someone. There are things that I just wouldn't do because they would seem weird which, if it wasn't just me, would be really cool. Random things like making fruit salad, grabbing a picnic blanket and having a summer banquet in a field. I guess things are just different went it is just you.

In some ways it is good, I can do things like read and sew and run around my garden for no good reason whenever I like. And through being on my own I can work out when I do things for me and when I do them just for the sake of saying that I have done them. It gives me space to think, to write, to be creative. But sometimes it can be lonely.

So I guess what I'm really saying is that I feel kind of alone at the moment, kind of isolated. Friends are in relationships, are busy, are revising, work full time. But I think it's ok because although it seems like it's just me; I am not actually alone. This space is a good time for me to work on my relationship with God, to lean on him for support, to look to him for guidance and to seek him in everything I do. So I think that even though it is difficult and strange to be on my own; it is for the best.

That's all.


British Summer: blink and you'll miss it!

When I woke up this morning, it was grey and cold. So cold, in fact, that I even wore a scarf. But then the weather turned and it was sunny and, even better, warm! This next few days of sunshine could very well be our entire British summer so I thought I'd change into some shorts and take some sunny pictures while it lasts!

I got my shirt for my birthday and it gave me the perfect excuse to wear the cowboy boots that I purchased on a whim at a festival last year! I have worn them precisely three times :P One of them being this time.

I know everyone in the blogging world appears to be obsessed with PicMonkey as the alternative to Picnik, but I have to admit I prefer Pixlr; I love their vintage filters and all the fonts!

Roll on summer,
Say :)


Yes, we're going to a party, party...

On the way to my birthday meal, we got very lost trying to find a friends' house which didn't appear on satnav and ended up being kind of late to meet everyone. Now, this wouldn't actually have been an issue; if I hadn't completely messed up the booking. Everyone else who wasn't in our car piled into my favourite Italian restaurant, Bella Italia, and explained the situation, that they had a booking for 11 people under my name. Hmm. There was no booking under my name. It turns out that when I thought I was being smart and booking online, I forgot to amend the date and ended up booking a table for the 19th instead! Luckily, by the time we got there the restaurant manager had managed to find us a table anyway if we waited half an hour, so we just sat outside and I got to open my presents! So it worked out in the end :) Moral of the story: always phone the restaurant!

It was an awesome night, and clubbing was much better than I was expecting- we found a room in the   club that played actual music! And I had a great birthday :)

...now I just have to get back to real life and start revising for my sociology exam on Friday!

Thanks for all the birthday messages!

Say :)


Eighteen!! :D

I was an attractive child with three chins who liked to sit in washing baskets.
Don't judge.

Then I was ginger and liked awesome glasses (I'm the one on the right!)

And then I chopped off my hair, wore a yellow jumper and resembled a boy.

Then I thought it would be cool to rock some curtains. (and we got a digital camera!)

Then I ate a lot and got fat.

And now... I'm just me!

So I've been here 18 years, learnt sixty billion things, from walking and talking to learning the difference between when you have to smile and pretend that you're ok and when it's all right to cry.

Time to party.

Say :) x

ps. Thank you so much to all my new followers- I didn't actually think I'd make it to 50! And thank you so much Katy Sue who helped me reach my goal :)