February Sun.

After my last ever shift at work, Oliver and I decided to hit the countryside for some photos in the golden February sun. I started off in just a strap top, but got cold and stole Oliver's leather jacket- I think it suits me better (or it would if it was my size!). As we have no photos of the two of us with my new hair, I thought we'd better rectify the situation and what better place to sit than on a fence. But you can never trust men and Oliver tried to push me off. Just try and find a more beautiful facial expression!

So, despite the height issues, we decided to swap over. Much better.

Happy Sunday, guys!


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Copy Cat Friday #3

Copying this look:

brick red Target scarf - sky blue shirt Tommy Hilfiger dress


Just a quick post with my copycat outfit for this week. Linking up with Sarah from Frills for Thrills :)


Awkward and Awesome #3

-Going to an open day for the University I have put as my second choice and kind of not liking it at all. Great.
-Going to said open day with an SLR camera and a bulky Canon 500D in my hip back and then the weather and lighting being so appalling that I only take 20 pictures. All in RAW. Oops.
-Standing in the foyer to the University, the only person on my own (except the guy who was wearing all black and doc martens- I kind of wanted to go say hi and take his picture but I chickened out) and trying to take pictures of people without them realising. Everyone else thought I was just plain weird.
-Going into Burton to try and find a tshirt or something for Oliver and then walking out because I was scared people would mistake me for a boy with my new hair. I was wearing a skirt, so it shouldn't have been a problem, but I didn't want to risk it.
-Oliver telling me I looked forty in my waterfall cardigan. Right, never wearing that out in public.
-Oliver getting shingles. I'm not gonna lie, I have a real OCD about textures and I HATE rashes so much. I'm trying my best to be a good, loving, caring girlfriend but it kind of freaks me out. I'm so paranoid I'm going to catch it even though I know it's not contagious.
-Picking up my photos from the film I just developed and almost all of them being over exposed :(

-Putting together the outfit in the photos above! I'm not a massive fan of the photos themselves, but I actually liked wearing three patterns (the tights are slightly stripy but you probably can't see)
-The sun today! At least it's beginning to feel like summer.

And that's all folks!

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Playing photographer :)

Lena and I met when we realised that we didn't massively like the people we were friends with and decided to be friends instead. We used to have P.E (gym class) together and talk about Oliver and her boyfriend, George, dreaming about the future. Now we are kind of living that the future which is pretty cool; she works full time, I'm heading off to University.

Normally I let Oliver take all the pictures because he is insanely good at it. But lately I've been getting a real photography bug and have been wanting to take my own photos as well. So I thought I would drag Lena on a photoshoot in the semi snow once I finished my shift at work. However, as it turned out, I left my camera battery on charge in the staff room and had to phone Oliver to come and bring his camera so we could still shoot some pictures in the last hour of sunlight. He is such a babe. What a strange saying. But anyway, I still managed to grab the camera off him and these are the best photos I got :) Now I just can't wait until the summer so we can go out for a proper, warm photoshoot!

Isn't she beautiful?


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I may be able to smile for the camera now, but last night was another story. I was a desperate, hysterical heap crying out to God one single word: why. And I couldn't find the answer. Not through prayer and not through searching through the bible. I read through the psalms and it still didn't help. Not one little bit.

But I know that he's there. I know that he is Just and Good. I know that I will never understand all that he does, that I might scream and cry until I fall asleep in a wretched heap, but that he is still there and he still loves me.

In my weakness, he is strong.

And I am so weak right now, so I can only hold onto the hope that he is at this strongest. There must be a reason for the situation, something I don't know, something that only he who is bigger than everything and anyone else can comprehend.

In him I will put my trust.

I was really struck by Erin's post today on thankfulness and the amazing video she posted and I was determined to think of all the things that I am thankful for, even as I cry out to God that I am struggling.

1. Oliver. 
Where would I be without you? You held me as I cried last night and, even more importantly, when I knew that all I wanted to do was cry out to God, you left. I don't know to thank you enough.

2. My mother. 
She is so amazing and wonderful and I haven't really seen it until this difficult situation. I love you and I hope that you see that. Now I can see how much you love me too.

3. All the people who have supported me through this situation; Lena, Trudy, everyone who has been praying for me.

4. The beautiful sunshine today. The sun always reminds me of God's perfect creation and his awe and splendour. To say I needed this today would be a complete understatement.

5. Every person I met in passing as I went into the little village near me: 
The old man who smiled back at me instead of looking at the ground nervously, the ladies who let me take pictures of their bakery with my Praktica, the man who said hi to me who I served at work last weekend, the family friend who stopped for a conversation. I needed every one of them.

May the peace of the Lord be always with you,

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V. Day

It's Valentines Day and I haven't even glimpsed Oliver's beautiful face yet. To be fair he did buy me this awesome blazer as my present yesterday, but that still doesn't quite make up for it. I can't tell you what I got him, he hasn't seen it yet and I don't want to spoil it. I'll show you tomorrow, I'm pretty impressed with myself to tell you the truth.

This heart shaped pillow was, I believe, from one of my 'boyfriends' (probably the one I got 'married' to :P) when I was five and my mum has kind of adopted it as a sermon prop! But I thought I'd reclaim it to take some V. Day photos :) I do have other, normal outfit photos, but I thought these were way cooler!

On another note, I feel like I'm the only person who still uses the word 'cool' in daily vocab- maybe I need to get with the times!


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Ps. I dragged Lena out in the freezing cold to take some photos the other day (disaster, I'll explain later) and if you can't wait for me to post them, you can always view a select preview here on my flickr :P



When someone told me that our youth group social event was just a games night, I was a little unimpressed. But it was actually a really awesome night. Everyone was in hysterics and no one really knew how to play mafia. If you want to know, guys, the rules are here. And they say doctor not prostitute :P

Apologies for the quality of the photos, lighting was pretty dim!

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