Day 7> Bright Colours

Ok, ok, so I didn't do yesterdays challenge, I know. But I do have a valid excuse: my awesome exchange partner! :) I haven't really got the time to take beautiful photos and edit them to perfection (not that I manage to do that anyway!). But I did have a go today. I managed to take 6 photos in total; it was so cold I thought I would turn blue to match my dress. Hopefully I will have better luck tomorrow :)

Say :)


Winter Edition: Day 5> Mixing Patterns

Today we were really blessed with gorgeous clear blue skies and an amazing golden sun- perfect for taking pictures at the lake between classes! I thought that I would try and make the pattern mixing subtle by basing the whole outfit around the same turquoise and grey colour scheme :) Last time I tried to do pattern mixing, I failed miserably and knew that I would never ever actually wear that outfit in public. This time, on the other hand, I can see myself wearing it again and again :)


Say :)

PS. My exchange partner is coming to stay with me tomorrow, so look out for a guest appearance :)


Winter Edition: Day 4> Channelling Eeyore

So I'm back taking pictures at college again, but instead of Oliver taking them (he was in an exam so I let him off), I asked Trudy to take some. I always find that I can't be serious when other people take pictures of me, as if I think they will laugh if I actually try to pose! Hence the reason I end up with pictures of me trying to climb up the tree in the college grounds.

The prompt for today was "channel someone" and using the inspiration of this really awesome tumblr which puts together outfits for disney characters, I thought I would try it! I chose eeyore because I thought I he was grey and I have grey trousers. Turns out he is actually kind of blue, so I don't really look like eeyore at all!

Oh well, better luck next time I guess!

And don't worry, Trudy, no one will notice that you actually focused on the wall and the tree instead of me! Thanks for the pictures chica!

Say :)


Winter Edition: Day 3> Try a trend

I thought I'd go a bit wild with this prompt and hop on the 'bright and crazy coloured tights' bandwagon! I bought these bright orange ones after seeing Carrie's (wow, that makes me feel like that girl on 'Mean Girls') and decided that they were far too bright and garish to wear! But I figured that this prompt gives me an excuse :P That and the extremely important law exam!

It felt strange but somehow liberating, taking pictures at college! Oliver took them for me in one of our free periods, so not many people were around, but I still had a few funny looks!

Sorry about missing yesterday, I figured I'd better revise instead :(

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Winter Edition: Day 1> layers

Even though it's been, like, no time since I did Kayla's last challenge, but I am still super excited to take part in this one :) I can't really do every day because of revision -.- but I will try to do as many as I can!

Today's prompt is "layer it" and I have to admit it is one of my favourites as there are so many exciting ways to interpret it :) Originally I was set on wearing two shirts but I just looked fat, so I used another one of the inspiration pictures and decided to wear a shirt over a dress :) Oliver still thought it made me look chunky, but I chose to ignore him :P

See you guys later,

Say :)


Bear with, bear with...

Revision appears to be eating into all my free time at the moment, so I'm afraid that I may be a bit infrequent with my posting! But not to worry, on Monday Kayla's 10 day challenge starts! Yes, once again I'm returning to the realms of fashion blogging (it wasn't like I had a massive break, was it? :P) and I am ultra excited about it even if I may not be able to take part in every day because of exams etc.

And next Saturday my German exchange partner is coming to visit me, so I'm pretty sure you'll get to meet her too :) I just hope that she doesn't think its too mad that I'll be taking pictures with self-timer every morning!

So I'll see y'all tomorrow, same time, same place?

Say :)


Copy Cat Friday #1


So today I'm taking part in Sarah's copycat challenge for the first time and who better to copy than the amazing and beautiful Sydney from The Daybook! So here is my interpretation of this outfit I found when I went through her archives the other day :)

I had to go blue instead of black, as I have both a blue stripy jumper and blazer :P And I'm sorry that I wore my jumper again, it's just that my amazing and beautiful boyfriend bought it (I'm doing a clothes fast and therefore can't buy clothes!) and I love it!

Seeing as I copied Sydney and I missed out on awkward and awesome Thursday, I thought I'd kinda make it  awkward and awesome Friday instead :P

-Getting a D on my law exam mock when I had my notes in front of me and no time constraint
-Agreeing to babysit for someone when they text me but not recognising the number and therefore not knowing who I was babysitting for
-Reaching the house I was babysitting for (I found out who it was eventually!) and not being able to find the house as I haven't been there for a while, it was dark and they had their driveway redone

-Finding out that there is an Outfit just down the road and that I can use my previously-thought-to-be-useless gift card from Christmas there (I can use gift cards to buy clothes as it is as if someone is buying them for me- see how I got round that? Smooth)
-Finally getting my bike lights put on so I don't risk dying on the way home from college (Cheers Oliver's mum!)
-Wagon wheels. I had forgotten how amazing you are. (And bad for me, but we can forget that)

That's all folks,

Say :)

Frills for Thrills


Some new pictures of The Band :)

As I have had to do unbelievably boring really important revision this week for my law exam next Wednesday, I'm afraid posting has been a little sparse to say the least. But I thought I'd share some of my photographs of the gig last weekend :) One, because I am ridiculously proud of them :P And two, because I wanted an excuse to give you my real news...

I joined flickr!

Ok, so it is nowhere near as exciting for you guys as it is for me, and I only have about 6 pictures on there, but just you wait.. :P Add me as a contact: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sayholt/


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Baggy jumper and playing with Lightroom

Oliver made me download Lightroom 4 beta and I have just been playing with it all day. I have kind of gone a bit OTT but hey, I'm still getting the hang of it! I look a bit miserable, but that was just because I was trying to take some serious photos! When will I accept that I can't be a model and just smile and be cute? :P


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