Gone again!

Sorry guys, these weeks have been kind of hectic and blogging has moved into the background of my life. I swear that after these next two weeks when I'm at home with nothing to do, I will post so much more! But with Germany last week, helping out at two different holiday clubs (morning and afternoon!) this week, I just have been too busy!

Tomorrow I'm getting the train at 8.19am to Cornwall for a beach mission trip! Totally pumped. It will be hard work and stressful, but I pray that it will be rewarding and that the kids may be inspired by our love for Jesus. I doubt the weather is going to be as good as it has been this past week (on Wednesday it was 35 degrees!), but I am hoping it shouldn't be too rainy :)

I'll see you guys when I get back!
Say x

ps. I got my "Christmas in July" package from the lovely Emma and I was actually overwhelmed by the care she put into it! I love it all, if your reading this, and I apologise that mine wasn't nearly as cool!


Germany zwei.

Things I loved in Germany:
- Currywurst. (Seriously why have I never tried this before? It was my fifth time going to Germany!)
- Watching "I am Legend" (depressing) followed by "Legally Blonde 2" (total cheese) to cheer us up whilst the boys moan about being forced to watch a girlie film- Tanja and I were fine with it!
- Photoshoots sitting on the curb barefoot as Victor tried to pull a normal face for his bike photos and laughing hysterically when he couldn't
- Running around fields. Enough said.
- Long walks through beautiful German countryside and eating bananas without a knife (don't ask.) and running round a Roman castle in the middle of the Feldberg, the boys carved spears with a pen knife whilst I made flower posies and stuck them in my hair (gender stereotypes, much?)
- Waking up at a stupidly early hour to catch the train to Frankfurt for the flea market, eating currywurst for a pre-breakfast and contracting mild food poisoning, only to have it chuck it down with rain so much so that we get absolutely soaked and have to swap into new clothes at Victor's mum's second hand designer label shop (which I got to keep!!) and then eating breakfast at a posh department store and running into the gay pride parade. This was all before lunch time.
- Staying up talking until 4.30am and then getting up for 7 for our flight.

Such an awesome week. I miss my German friends already!

Say x


Germany: eins.

So I have been absent from the blogging-sphere (or indeed the internet!) this last week whilst I visited my great German friends just outside of Frankfurt. Seriously, it was an awesome week. They bring out the best in me, and I found myself skipping and clapping and singing to myself every so often because I was so happy.

Tomorrow I will sort out the photos and bombard you with another post or two about Germany, but for now I am totally wiped out- I had roughly two and a half hours sleep last night, courtesy of a shisha and cocktail party (don't worry, I didn't smoke!), a late-night home screening of "Ten things I hate about you"- my favourite film in the world- and a long conversation which last until half four in the morning! Not the best idea when I have to get up at 7 to get to the airport on time!

Love you guys,
Say x

ps. Does anyone else find it mildly amusing that spell-check doesn't recognise the word "blog" when you are writing a blog post?


I'm off!

Right, I'm off to Frankfurt today to meet up with these guys! Sorry I haven't been posting- the weather is awful and I may or may not have broken my sewing machine! Hopefully I'll have lots to post about when I get back!

Love you guys!

Say x


Sometimes you just can't resist!

When I saw this Ted Baker dress in the charity shop for just £10, I just knew I had to try it on. It was my size and felt expensive. I found myself swanning out of the changing room and swishing to the end of the shop where the full length mirror was, turning slowly clockwise and then anti-clockwise as another charity shop-shopper ooo-ed and aaah-ed. Let's face it: I didn't need it. I have no weddings on the horizon other than the ones I am shooting, and a dress is just impractical. It is too long to be worn casually and requires dry cleaning.

So obviously I bought it!

It will probably live in my wardrobe until I can find an excuse to wear it, but I don't think I would have been able to walk away from it :P

Happy Monday Guys!

Say x

ps. I am going to Germany next Monday for a week, and if anyone is interested in guest posting about holidays or travelling, then email me on: sholt.03901@farnborough.ac.uk :) I would love to hear from you!


Dress Refashion :)

I bought this dress in TK Maxx for £10 a while back because I fell in love with the neckline, sleeves and the colour of the stripes. I was supposed to wear it for a party but was too ill to go, so it has lived in my wardrobe ever since. It is just a bit to baggy and unshapely and every time I put it on, I never ended up actually wearing it.

Enter: sewing machine.

Make it in to a smart-casual shirt!

And now I love it even more!

I have a dress which has kind of ended up a bit like a granny's nightie which I will attempt to style and share with you guys soon, but until then,

Say x



Dress: H&M, Cardigan: New Look

I have become kind of cynical about relationships recently. I began to doubt if people really could continue to love each other or whether they simply grow used to the company and stay together.

Forever has suddenly turned into two and a half years. "I love you" suddenly has an unspoken "for now" on the end. I doubt the happy smiles, wondering when they will become sarcastic eye-rolls and sighs.

Erin recently wrote on her blog that every relationship takes a piece of your heart. And I honestly believe that every experience alters you just a little bit. And I feel that my last relationship has taken away my naive and hopeful longing for a relationship that will "last forever".

So I began to think that even if a man was to come along, promise to love me forever, and always think I'm beautiful and always hold me when I needed him, that I wouldn't believe him. That I would walk away so that I don't get hurt, that I would look him straight in the eye and tell him that he, and every other guy, is a liar. That even if he believed that now, it won't last. But here is where I have been going wrong. I have lumped all men and all relationships in together.

My Grandmother, Anne, is staying with us at the moment and we went on a long walk through the winding lanes of Surrey's countryside and spoke about life. She has been married to my Grandad since she was 19 years old, she had my father at 20 and has lived in the same house for 44 years. I asked her if she was happy. She explained to me that she wouldn't want to be without Jack, that she could never see herself being with anyone else and neither did she want to be. She told me that although she had had boyfriends before, when she met Jack she knew that he was different, that he was 'the one'. She doesn't spend every waking minute with him, doesn't walk along holding his hand and doesn't even sleep in the same room as him, but she loves him. And it gave me hope once more.

I am not suddenly cured of my more realistic attitude to love, floating back off into the romantic, fairytale clouds. But I did realise that not every relationship ends, that some feelings remain forever.

And I also realised that, despite what I have been telling myself, that I don't want or need a long term, serious relationship, that I want what Anne and Jack have. That I want to share my life with someone.

Happy Anniversary Jack and Anne! I love you :)

I appologise for the ramble,
Say x


Vera + I

Introducing my birthday present and new best friend: Vera! Seriously, I am so in love with this machine (in a non-creepy way) and cannot wait to really get stuck into my Kite Project goals of making a tshirt, two skirts and three dresses before September! I know that I neglected Thursday is for Sewing last week, but I am going to make it up to you this Thursday :)

My Grandparents generously bought me the Pfaff Ambition 1.0 and I honestly had no idea that you could do so many different stitches! We bought a metre of plum polycotton and I have spent all evening trying out various decorative stitches :)

I am so excited for the rest of the summer and this great chance to really be creative! I have a massive list of everything I want to fix/refashion/sew over the next couple of months and I cannot wait to tick them off!

Together Vera and I are unstoppable.

Say :)

ps. She had to be a girl because she's pink ;P



Recently, I haven't really been spending much time on my blog or in the blogging world and haven't really been reading or commenting on many peoples' blogs. Since finishing college I thought I would have lots of time to focus on posting, but in actual fact I haven't really spent much time on the computer at all! Which I guess is probably a good thing!

This weekend, for example, while everyone from college went to the leavers ball, I trekked across the country to Wiltshire and stayed on a dairy farm with around twenty other people for a training weekend.

In four weeks time I am volunteering with PFM which runs a mission project in Cornwall! After this weekend I cannot wait and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet a lot of the people involved so it won't be so daunting :)

We went on this "short" walk through the countryside before tea in the "sunshine" and got completely lost and absolutely soaked! We were sooo late for tea but it was such good fun :) I loved everyone on the weekend and it looks like it is going to be a great team :)

Also, to give you guys another heads up, in two weeks I am going back to Germany!! So excited!

Gold star for anyone who actually read my ramble,
Say :)

ps. I have been playing around with collages; do they look better or worse than listing the photos?