#3- The end!

Don't let the sun fool you! It rained sooo much! In the last photo, I am standing on the pond that used to be my patio- crazy! This April really has lived up to it's name, I swear it's not normally this bad! It would seem that we have torrential rain, hail, sunshine and greyness every day at the moment! So the wellies really were justified :)

I have really enjoyed this little three day challenge put on by the beautiful Olivia who blogs over at Fresh Modesty :) I kind of wish that I had chosen a skirt because it would have been a bit more of a challenge, but the weather today has confirmed that trousers really were a good choice :) Next time I post outfits, I swear I will find somewhere new to take the pictures, I promise! My shed is just the easiest thing to use at the moment, particularly as you have to dash out to take pictures in between showers!

Happy Sunday,
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Outfit number two! It has been absolutely horrible weather (don't let the photo editing deceive you!) so I thought I'd go with a layering outfit :)

Oh and I realised that I haven't done my normal instagram photo dump this weekend! To be honest, I haven't really taken many photos because I've been really ill, so hopefully I'll make it up to you guys next week!

Tomorrow (aaah!) I am doing part of the talk in church and I still haven't quite written it- yes, I know I'm cutting it pretty fine! So if anyone can give me any ideas about how amazing grace is, then I would greatly appreciate it!

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Copycat Friday/One Skirt Three Days Challenge!

It's link up madness today! (ok, so I'm linking up with two instead of one bloggers today) For Sarah's Copycat Friday, I thought I'd choose the blogging staple outfit of a chambray shirt and coloured jeans, copying this fellow blogger (and everyone else!) here:

And this is also the first of three days of coloured jeans! The name of the challenge is somewhat misleading as it suggests that you need to wear one skirt for three days, but the rules are to simply pick one item. I thought that jeans were more appropriate for our patchy English weather at the moment! I will try and rock it up a bit the other two days, so I thought I'd keep it simple today :)

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Sometimes... life doesn't turn out how you expect it to

Sometimes... it turns out that you don't know the things you thought you knew

Sometimes... it seems like life is a bit more complicated than you ever realised

Sometimes... you just have to take a breather.

{source: tumblr}

I apologise for my absence, sometimes living and coping with life is more important than blogging. Don't get me wrong, I love my blog, but over the last couple of days I really haven't had the incentive to post anything. I didn't feel like smiling for outfit photos or thinking of some way I could explain things for you guys so that you'd understand. So I haven't. 

I would love to write some deep post about break-ups, about leaning on God to help you get through, about how to adjust to being single once more after two and a half years; but I can't.

It isn't easy, that's all I can say.

In the words of Taylor Swift, "It's never simple, never easy, for a clean break" and I wish him all the best, really I do. But for now it is difficult.

This blog is kind of like the diary I gave up a couple of years back, so it only felt right to document this rather than ignore it. 

But don't worry, I'm not going to mope on here. Tomorrow I'll be rocking it once more by linking up with CopyCat Friday and the "one skirt, three day" challenge :) Though obviously the latter also includes Saturday and Sunday!

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Just a few photos from the 'droid! My week has been kind of crazy, going back to college, cramming for mock exams (so so so scary to think that the real ones are in a couple of weeks!), writing essays the lunch before they are due in (I am the world's best procrastinator) and dealing with everything life throws at you! 

My youth group have the amazing opportunity to run a service at Church not this Sunday but next and, as it is my last one, I am writing part of the sermon which is just awesome. The theme is grace and I am totally excited, I love having the opportunity to explore the gospel and share it with the older community! The theme is grace and, once I've written it and if anyone cares, I will post it on here for you guys :)

Without further ado, my life in all it's fake-vintage-coloured glory...

Lena and I gigging it up at a 60s tribute concert/Sorting out my old house

Finding cheap dress patterns for The Kite Project/Cinema time!

Beautiful Beatles quote/Smiling despite feeling so ill :(

Spring!!/Getting my sugar fix at college :)

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My Chambray!

{scarf/shoes: Primark, shirt: H&M, pullover/jeans: New Look}

I did not feel that, as a part-time fashion blogger, my life was complete. Why? I did not have a chambray shirt. Situation now happily rectified :) I found it in H&M for £15 (awesome, right?) and it actually fit how I wanted it too! Seriously, I am in love :) I have already found about sixty billion outfit combinations, so be prepared to see this guy many more times! And if/when I ever get round to doing Kendi's 30x30 then this will kind of be the only shirt I need :P

See y'all for insta-saturday tomorrow,

Say :)


Sorry I'm a little late :)

Another fact about me: I am always ill around Easter. Twice. And this year was no exception. So I apologise for the slight gap in posting, I have been going to bed insanely early, and when I haven't, I have been slowly struggling through the day with glandular fever. Yay  not.

Anyways... let's not make this a pity party!

In my absence, I have been playing around with the photos above which I shot the day after Lena's birthday- she is such a willing (and beautiful) model! Happy Birthday Lena!! I forgot to give you a birthday shout out on my blog earlier :P But here it is now :)

I am so excited to be getting involved with an amazing project ran by my dear friend, Rae, called 'The Kite Project'. Read all about it here! The idea is basically that you set yourself a goal with this massive support network around you so that you follow it through :) Is there anything you have always wanted to do but never managed to motivate yourself/find time/complete? Follow her blog and get involved! Let's chase our dreams, guys :) Even if you don't have a blog you can still take part!

And that's all (for now!) folks,

Say :)


Insta-friday + a new blog design!

Well I hope y'all like my new blog design, created by the lovely Stella from Tease your Toes :) She is so creative and pretty, go check her blog out!

As anyone with an android phone is aware of, we now have Instagram! Totally excited. I am just getting into it, but here are a few photos of my week :P I'm afraid that every Friday I am going to bore you with my weekly pics! 

Making camera tees/Trying out red lipstick

Suit for £15!/April showers

Oliver's Voigtlander/Mama's church on Easter day

American car festival/Phil's birthday gig

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I'm a winner!

Like many bloggers, I'm sure, I enter random giveaways without much thought about actually winning. But somehow I did! I entered the lovely Abbey from Along Abbey Road's downeast basics giveaway and won this skirt! After the initial excitement of winning, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to actually get it as downeast basics didn't seem to ship internationally, and then today it landed on my doorstep! Ok, so I had to pay £15 import tax, but that's still half price ;P And I love it :) 

A couple of weeks after I won Abbey's giveaway, I also managed to win Elisha's sponsored giveaway :P Her beautiful sister, Erynn's, home-made cards! I'm on a winning streak!

Now I'm going off to bask in my winning glory!

Say :)

ps. My blog is soon to get a makeover... excited! :D


He sacrificed His Son for me.

This song says it all. It's called 'Once again', it's by Matt Redman and it's beautiful.

Jesus Christ, I think upon Your sacrifice 
You became nothing 
Poured out to death 
Many times, I've wondered at your gift of life 
I'm in that place once again 
I'm in that place once again 

And once again I look upon the cross where You died 
I'm humbled by Your mercy and I'm broken inside 
Once again I thank You, 
Once again I pour out my life 

Now You are exhalted to the highest place 
King of the Heavens, where one day I'll bow 
But for now, I'll marvel at Your saving grace 
I'm full of praise once again 
Oh I'm full of praise once again 

So as I remember his awesome and mighty sacrifice, as I think about a God who is so good and gracious that he sent his one and only son to die the most horrendous of deaths just so that I, a worthless sinner, may live, I am taken back to a place of gratitude and love and praise where I think only of him. Once again I pledge my life to my saviour and once again I fall on my knees in prayer.

So often I forget the magnitude of his sacrifice, the magnitude of his love. How can I live so carelessly, so ignorant of God's love after he has made such a gesture, after he has saved my soul through Jesus Christ? I long to return to his presence, I long to held in his arms, I long to live for him.

He is the hope I need to get me through.
He is the love I need to feel what is true.
He is the light I need to shine the way.
He is my God who is with me, every day.

Jesus is alive.


cars, cars, cars

On Good Friday, it would seem that the world and it's wife made it's way to our local vintage car festival where Oliver's band were playing. It was sunny and cheap and everyone was off work so it was absolutely packed! They played out the back of a truck and it was an awesome day actually :) There were some amazing cars, the band even got to take some photos (like the last one) in an insanely cool Chevrolet Bel Air! It was so american!

Instead of doing a devotional every day this week (you know I've already failed!) I'm just going to do a special one tomorrow for Easter day :)

See y'all then,

Say :)