Goodbye 2011!

{Having fun with our German friends}

{My Birthday}

{The Band rocked Guilfest}

{Road trip with Oliver}

{On holiday with family...}

{...And Oliver}

{Paul's 18th}

{Photoshoot with Lena}

{Trudy's party}

{Youth Weekend Away}

{Work party}

{Exploring our new house with Annie!}

So goodbye 2011, what we had was good and I'll always look back on our times together with fondness, can we still be friends?

Say :)


Day 12> Jazz up jeans

Ok, I know that the jeans aren't really the main feature of my outfit, but I'm wearing them, aren't I? :) I decided to jazz up my Primarni jeans with the dusty pink sheer shirt and matching patterned scarf I got from Lena for Christmas and add random accessories such as the chunky leather watch and ring I got in the New look sale :)

I know it doesn't show massively in the photos, but it was actually miserably drizzling when I took these photos, so I decided to have some fun with the timer and pretend that I was being dragged away by/singing in the rain :P Oh and who would have known that an umbrella is the perfect way to focus a camera whilst doing self-timer! I'm learning fast.


Say :)

Ps. Oliver, I know you will be annoyed with my "photo face" smile, but it was raining!


Day 11> Wear a skirt or dress

I was kind of a little bit hyper when Oliver and I took these photos, hence the mission impossible crouch by the water butt and the tree hug! Todays prompt was kind of difficult as although the original challenge was set in August, when it was warm and (sometimes) sunny, it is now late December and freezing! But nonetheless I still wore a skirt :) I found it in Peacocks ages and ages ago, but it's one of the pieces in my wardrobe that I always go back to.

So, back to tree-hugging...

Say :)


Day 10> Closet Orphan

I was far more busy gatecrashing a rehearsal with The Band  to try and take beautiful, artistic pictures of my outfit today (an old collarless black shirt was my "closet orphan") so I thought I'd just take one really quickly to show you that I did take part today :)

We really do have some beautiful pizza-eating faces :P

See y'all around,

Say :)


Day 9> Monochrome

I totally photo-bombed his macro picture of a berry! He wasn't happy- it was the only one which properly in focus :P

Today was monochrome, and it expressly said that it didn't have to be black and white, but I chose that as my colour scheme anyway :P I'm wearing yet another shirt (stripy this time) and my whole outfit appears to be crumpled but at least I look skinny with the belt :)

Thanks Oliver for the photos! I don't really know how to use my new camera very well and Oliver was round my house so I made him take the pictures today :P

Bye for now,

Say :)

PS. Thank you for any comments people have been making :) Its only a baby blog at the moment and I have a total of 3 followers, so every comment means a lot :)


Day 8> Mix smart and casual

For Christmas I got a DSLR!! A Canon 400D to be exact. Ok, I wasn't exactly double-explanation mark hyperventilating about it as it would seem from the first sentence- I did bid for (and win) it on Ebay so it wasn't a surprise. That said, it is still amazing even though I have no idea how to do self-timer shots in focus with it! You can't really see the difference in photo quality as I compress the photos on my blog anyway, but I am really pleased with it. Oliver has the Canon 500D, so I can borrow his lenses :)

My mix of smart and casual was a plain black, belted skirt (thrifted for a pound!) and a printed tshirt :)

Rest assured, although I didn't take pictures or post anything about the challenge for yesterday (layer accessories if you are wondering), I still did it. I found a set of gold necklaces and wore all of them :P


Say :)



At half past midnight, before Father Christmas has popped down the chimney and before I decide what outfit fits the description for the 21 day challenge, I thought I'd just say...


Today we celebrate because God sent his one and only son to earth to live amongst us and die for us. How awesome is that? :)

So happy birthday Jesus- though the chances of the 25th December actually being his birthday are pretty slim- and I hope y'all have a lovely time with your family and friends celebrating together.

Peace and love,

Say xx


Day 6> Get creative (wear something in an unexpected way)

Taking Strawberry Koi's suggestions about transforming mens shirts (http://www.strawberrykoi.com/uncategorized/manshirt), I decided to take my remix item, this shirt:

And make it into a top of some description. It doesn't work massively well, but at least it is creative!

Oh, and do go and watch the video- it's mind-boggling how many different things you can do with a simple shirt!


Say :)


Day 5> Belt it

I know that you can't really see my belt, but it is there- I promise! The weather was back being miserable again, *sigh*, if it's going to be a warm winter, it might as well be sunny!

So today I chose to wear a check shirt (peacocks), home made denim shorts and a belt which I had to twist round gazillions of times because it was designed to go round your hips :)

See y'all around,

Say :)