Taking pictures in my new skirt :)

Today I thought I'd whack out the old camera and go for a proper photography trek. I cycled to all the places that I used to take photos before I moved house, hung my camera precariously on my bike handlebars as a make-shift tripod and took a billion self portraits. I took off my shoes as soon as I reached the woods and, as you can tell from the last picture, I completely wrecked my feet. But I don't really mind!

The very last place I wound up was the aqueduct as I knew I would. I always end up there, even if I don't intend to go. I fell in love with it the very first time I biked through the woods, watching the sunset over the speckled concrete and iron beams had some sort of 21st century romance about it and I have been attracted to it ever since. Seriously, don't ask me why.

When I go to South Sudan (in less than three weeks! AAAHH!), I have to wear skirts which go below my knee every. single. day. So when I saw this awesome stripy maxi skirt in Primark (I shop in classy shops :P) I knew that it would be perfect. Even my mother loved it!

And... that's all.

Oh and I'm pretty excited to go on a photoshoot tomorrow where I get to model for someone else :P This whole self-portrait thing isn't quite as fun as when you are shooting with other people!

Say x

ps. I would still love it if any of you guys would donate to my trip to South Sudan! My justgiving page is here and I'm nearly half way!


Elisha said...



Elisha said...

Your going to Sudan -- way cool! :) Missions trips are raddd.

his little lady said...

love that skirt! what fun! and have fun modeling tomorrow! i love shooting with other people!
xo TJ

KatySue Pillsbury said...

You take amazing self portraits, I really do need to learn to take better ones! =P
And I agree with Elisha, I want your skirt! =)

Marie Danielle said...

LOVE your skirt! Absolutely beautiful :-)