What I Learnt: Serving.

1. I should spend more time with God. On mission we were given a set period of time for a bible study, another for "quiet time" with God and we prayed at every single opportunity. It really challenged me to really look to God for everything in my life.

2. Children's work really isn't pointless. It's not that I ever really thought that it was, I just doubted how much of an effect Sunday schools and holiday clubs had on children because my experience of them has been kind of about time filling while the parents receive biblical teaching or work (in the holidays). Seeing children grow in their faith, decide to follow Jesus, pray for the first time and really seek God is just amazing. God did so much in the last fortnight.

3. When you try to explain complex ideas of heaven/hell/freewill etc. to an inquisitive, very intelligent child, you actually learn more about what you believe.

4. God answers prayer! Again, I already kind of knew this, but to really see God in action is amazing. Any small problems cleared up, it was dry enough to perform the roadshow on the beach every. single. day. and just generally you could feel that God was really working the whole week.

There are loads more things I have learnt, but these were kind of the main ones. It was an awesome two weeks with great people who were really there for me. It has given me such a peace about next year and reconfirmed that I should trust in God entirely and that he will get me where he wants me. I also think I know where I am aiming in life, where I am supposed to end up and what God wants me to do with my gifts. I don't want to share on here just yet, I will continue to test my calling, but it is pretty exciting to be given even a glimpse of the amazing plan God has for my life.

I will miss the community and the amazing people, but I am pretty sure I will keep in contact with quite a few of them :)

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KatySue Pillsbury said...

Points two and three made me smile, 4 made me cheer and one makes me feel guilty.....I've really gotta work on that!

Chloe Jacqueline said...

Alll so so true! I am so glad that you are leaning, and that you want to keep learning! God is amazing and I hope that He keeps working through you! God bless!

Marie Danielle said...

Sounds amazing! Working with kids can be really frustrating and takes a lot of patience but in the end..? Totally worth it! :-)

Elisha(: said...

In response to your comments :

1- no I didn't dye my hair.
2- I love love love my shirt!!