They cut my field!

So there I was, wandering around the beautiful Surrey countryside in my straw hat and heels when I reached my field (I say "my" kind of loosely, but I think of it as mine) and it had gone yellow and been hacked down!! Autumn is definitely coming and I kind of can't wait. It is my favourite season, with the best colours and the best weather- fun to layer but not cold enough to wear a coat.

Appologies for the random shrinking Say in the collage, apparently I cropped them all different sizes!

One thing that I really appreciated at Beach Mission was the number of people who commented on my style. It was really awesome because when I set up this sort-of-not-quite fashion blog, I really wanted to develop my own personal style where I felt happy with most things in my wardrobe and where I actually liked the clothes I wore. I have felt a lot more secure in how I dress and it was really cool that other people noticed this too! You may see a bit more of this hat, too, I found it in Cornwall and bought it with my fatface vouchers. It is a good way of making an outfit look more put together and IMO it works with my hair :)

Something pretty cool to tell you guys tomorrow...

Say x


Elisha(: said...

Ooohh, can't wait for tomorrow! (:

And alsoo, loook at you being all model-ish. ;) HAHA. Your gorgeous, gorgeous.

Natasha Ting said...

I'm a fan of straw hats. seriously. And you look so sweet in this combination!


Vicki said...

Cute outfit! Hehe, and I like the stair-stepping effect of the photos! It looks pretty neat!


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Glad I'm not the only one looking forward to fall, or who forms attachments to places that aren't really mine! ;-)
Hurrah on the style compliments, there's nothing quite like 'em! =)

Marie Danielle said...

I can feel Autumn coming on here too. They have started cutting fields and the weather is definitely changing! :-) Love your straw hat... it is absolutely darling!

his little lady said...

oh gosh, i am so pumped for autumn to come! i'm excited for the change of seasons and all the wonderful holidays that are coming up! yay!!!
xo TJ

Natalie said...

i like he stiped skirt!