Just a few photos from the 'droid! My week has been kind of crazy, going back to college, cramming for mock exams (so so so scary to think that the real ones are in a couple of weeks!), writing essays the lunch before they are due in (I am the world's best procrastinator) and dealing with everything life throws at you! 

My youth group have the amazing opportunity to run a service at Church not this Sunday but next and, as it is my last one, I am writing part of the sermon which is just awesome. The theme is grace and I am totally excited, I love having the opportunity to explore the gospel and share it with the older community! The theme is grace and, once I've written it and if anyone cares, I will post it on here for you guys :)

Without further ado, my life in all it's fake-vintage-coloured glory...

Lena and I gigging it up at a 60s tribute concert/Sorting out my old house

Finding cheap dress patterns for The Kite Project/Cinema time!

Beautiful Beatles quote/Smiling despite feeling so ill :(

Spring!!/Getting my sugar fix at college :)

Say :)

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Erynn said...

Cute post! I need a instagram! Check out my giveaway going on- http://littleskyeyes.blogspot.com/2012/04/100-follower-giveaway.html


Elisha(: said...

your outfits are toooo cute!!

His Little Lady said...

instagram is my favorite! such great images, girl!
so happy that androids finally got this amazing app ;)
xo TJ

Ruby Girl said...

cute photos! i just got on instagram (rubygirl1), so fun!!! xoxo linds of http://www.rubygirlblog.com/

Allie Ruth said...

You are rad. Excited for the Kite Project! (though im still ttrying to figure out what I should do!!)

Erin said...

you are adorable. i just adore your haircut, it's so cute :) and i'm excited that i found you on instagram the other day! xoxo hugs to you!

Sarah said...

Yum, I love those freddo frog chocolates. Great photos and good luck for your exams. xo