Sometimes... life doesn't turn out how you expect it to

Sometimes... it turns out that you don't know the things you thought you knew

Sometimes... it seems like life is a bit more complicated than you ever realised

Sometimes... you just have to take a breather.

{source: tumblr}

I apologise for my absence, sometimes living and coping with life is more important than blogging. Don't get me wrong, I love my blog, but over the last couple of days I really haven't had the incentive to post anything. I didn't feel like smiling for outfit photos or thinking of some way I could explain things for you guys so that you'd understand. So I haven't. 

I would love to write some deep post about break-ups, about leaning on God to help you get through, about how to adjust to being single once more after two and a half years; but I can't.

It isn't easy, that's all I can say.

In the words of Taylor Swift, "It's never simple, never easy, for a clean break" and I wish him all the best, really I do. But for now it is difficult.

This blog is kind of like the diary I gave up a couple of years back, so it only felt right to document this rather than ignore it. 

But don't worry, I'm not going to mope on here. Tomorrow I'll be rocking it once more by linking up with CopyCat Friday and the "one skirt, three day" challenge :) Though obviously the latter also includes Saturday and Sunday!

Say x


Faith - Sweetened Style said...

So sorry to hear you're going through this Say! You are a beautiful woman, and I'm praying for you!

Rachel Marie Brown said...

I love you dear friend. Wish I could be there for you with ice cream and chocolate. Watching girly movies and letting you mope all you want. Love you girl :) Here for you, and I am really proud of you.

Allie Ruth said...

Girl! Hang in there! Breakups are so hard. It really isn't just easy. But I really admire how you don't want to put on some act of smiles when you are going through a rough time. Thank you for being so genuine, it is refreshing! Praying for you tonight.