He sacrificed His Son for me.

This song says it all. It's called 'Once again', it's by Matt Redman and it's beautiful.

Jesus Christ, I think upon Your sacrifice 
You became nothing 
Poured out to death 
Many times, I've wondered at your gift of life 
I'm in that place once again 
I'm in that place once again 

And once again I look upon the cross where You died 
I'm humbled by Your mercy and I'm broken inside 
Once again I thank You, 
Once again I pour out my life 

Now You are exhalted to the highest place 
King of the Heavens, where one day I'll bow 
But for now, I'll marvel at Your saving grace 
I'm full of praise once again 
Oh I'm full of praise once again 

So as I remember his awesome and mighty sacrifice, as I think about a God who is so good and gracious that he sent his one and only son to die the most horrendous of deaths just so that I, a worthless sinner, may live, I am taken back to a place of gratitude and love and praise where I think only of him. Once again I pledge my life to my saviour and once again I fall on my knees in prayer.

So often I forget the magnitude of his sacrifice, the magnitude of his love. How can I live so carelessly, so ignorant of God's love after he has made such a gesture, after he has saved my soul through Jesus Christ? I long to return to his presence, I long to held in his arms, I long to live for him.

He is the hope I need to get me through.
He is the love I need to feel what is true.
He is the light I need to shine the way.
He is my God who is with me, every day.

Jesus is alive.