Sorry I'm a little late :)

Another fact about me: I am always ill around Easter. Twice. And this year was no exception. So I apologise for the slight gap in posting, I have been going to bed insanely early, and when I haven't, I have been slowly struggling through the day with glandular fever. Yay  not.

Anyways... let's not make this a pity party!

In my absence, I have been playing around with the photos above which I shot the day after Lena's birthday- she is such a willing (and beautiful) model! Happy Birthday Lena!! I forgot to give you a birthday shout out on my blog earlier :P But here it is now :)

I am so excited to be getting involved with an amazing project ran by my dear friend, Rae, called 'The Kite Project'. Read all about it here! The idea is basically that you set yourself a goal with this massive support network around you so that you follow it through :) Is there anything you have always wanted to do but never managed to motivate yourself/find time/complete? Follow her blog and get involved! Let's chase our dreams, guys :) Even if you don't have a blog you can still take part!

And that's all (for now!) folks,

Say :)

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Elisha(: said...

sarah!! I was just checking to make sure you got your prize for my giveaway?? could you pleaaase email me and let me know? (oldbluejeans98@gmail.com) thankkss!!