Awkward and Awesome #1

Ok, so technically it isn't awkward and awesome Thursday here in the UK, but I figured that as it was still Thursday in America, it still counted? :) I will do it properly next week, but I did my six hour exam crawl and am knackered!

-We almost killed the guineapigs

-We didn't kill the guineapigs


Say and Oliver
(because it was really his idea to give the guinea pigs the foam pig!)


Nathan Oliver said...

Lol! oops :L

Ruby Girl said...

Hey cutie!! Oy veh, you wouldn't believe it, but when I was doing some "Fashion & Faith" entry management I somehow deleted your link. Head on over there to re-enter if you like. So sorry for the hassle, friend! PS-glad you didn't kill the guinea pigs with a pig! :) xoxo!! (ps-would have emailed this to you but couldn't find your email, sorry!)

Julia Topaz said...

aww haha that's really cute! and awkward! and awesome!