Day 18> Statement Jewellery

Now, I know that Kayla's examples were all big, clunky necklaces, but I figured that this was a piece of statement jewellery too. A statement of who I am and what I believe. A way for people to see that I'm a Christian and hold me accountable.

I only had about 6 and a half minutes to take these pictures as college has started once more :( So I'm afraid you are stuck with the tree again. The reason I take pictures next to the tree is because I can focus my camera on the tree on self-timer and be in focus when I stand by it :P One day I'll learn how to focus it properly!


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Elisha(: said...


Daryl said...

This outfit is so cute! Thanks so much for introducing yourself over on my blog, can't wait to read all about you!

<3 Daryl
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Erynn said...

You have a very awesome blog!! Love the outfit!!

Thanks for following! <3333
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