Day 13> Copycat

I took this as my inspiration:

And came up with this:

And it rained. Again. So I had to drag Oliver outside to take my pictures with his camera. Ah well, I likef the outfit in the end, even if the white shirt is 2 sizes to big- I found it in the H&M sale for £5 which is always good.

And this brings me onto the most important thing for me to say....

For 2012 I am giving up buying clothes.

There, I said it. Now I have to actually do it. It made me feel better when I saw that Meredith from Yours, Mine and Ours was giving up sugar, I'd much rather give up buying clothes than eating unhealthy foods like chocolate and ice cream! So that is my big New Years resolution.

How long do you think it will last? :P



Elisha(: said...

I LOVE the first picture!!(: follow me?

Michelle's Style File said...

Adorable! I love your red skirt.


Jo said...

So gorgeous! <3 I love love love the colour of your skirt!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Grace said...

i like the umbrella touch! you look great!

eighteenthofmay said...

Haha yeah it was actually raining :P Though it does look like a cool prop :) x

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I love your version! And I can see why you reproduced it, that red skirt is dreamy!!! I could never give up sugar, I think I would be much more successful at giving up shopping- unless I eat too much sugar and grow out of my clothes, LOL.

Happy New Year!


TayTay said...

Ooh pretty outfit :) Haha good luck with giving up buying clothes :P I think I'd die.

Cute blog, following <3