Bear with, bear with...

Revision appears to be eating into all my free time at the moment, so I'm afraid that I may be a bit infrequent with my posting! But not to worry, on Monday Kayla's 10 day challenge starts! Yes, once again I'm returning to the realms of fashion blogging (it wasn't like I had a massive break, was it? :P) and I am ultra excited about it even if I may not be able to take part in every day because of exams etc.

And next Saturday my German exchange partner is coming to visit me, so I'm pretty sure you'll get to meet her too :) I just hope that she doesn't think its too mad that I'll be taking pictures with self-timer every morning!

So I'll see y'all tomorrow, same time, same place?

Say :)

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Erynn said...

Lovely post! I nominated you at www.littleskyeyes.blogspot.com go check it out!!