Germany: eins.

So I have been absent from the blogging-sphere (or indeed the internet!) this last week whilst I visited my great German friends just outside of Frankfurt. Seriously, it was an awesome week. They bring out the best in me, and I found myself skipping and clapping and singing to myself every so often because I was so happy.

Tomorrow I will sort out the photos and bombard you with another post or two about Germany, but for now I am totally wiped out- I had roughly two and a half hours sleep last night, courtesy of a shisha and cocktail party (don't worry, I didn't smoke!), a late-night home screening of "Ten things I hate about you"- my favourite film in the world- and a long conversation which last until half four in the morning! Not the best idea when I have to get up at 7 to get to the airport on time!

Love you guys,
Say x

ps. Does anyone else find it mildly amusing that spell-check doesn't recognise the word "blog" when you are writing a blog post?


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Yeah for awesome friends and late night movie screenings! (Of what has to be one of the BEST movies EVER!!!)

Stella said...

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from blogging! So excited to see the photos ;) Glad that you had a good time ;)

Natasha Ting said...

glad that you had a great time and i'm anticipating the photos!


Rhianna Nelson said...

Just these few photos make it look awesome! So much smiling!! Glad to hear you had a great time - that night sounds like my idea of a perfect evening, not to mention it was spent in Germany (I may be a little jealous) :P

Can't wait to read more!! Rest well :) Rhi xx

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