Dress Refashion :)

I bought this dress in TK Maxx for £10 a while back because I fell in love with the neckline, sleeves and the colour of the stripes. I was supposed to wear it for a party but was too ill to go, so it has lived in my wardrobe ever since. It is just a bit to baggy and unshapely and every time I put it on, I never ended up actually wearing it.

Enter: sewing machine.

Make it in to a smart-casual shirt!

And now I love it even more!

I have a dress which has kind of ended up a bit like a granny's nightie which I will attempt to style and share with you guys soon, but until then,

Say x

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Marie Danielle said...

Ohh I love the neckline and sleeves so much! Love how you transformed it into a top. Very cute!