Gone again!

Sorry guys, these weeks have been kind of hectic and blogging has moved into the background of my life. I swear that after these next two weeks when I'm at home with nothing to do, I will post so much more! But with Germany last week, helping out at two different holiday clubs (morning and afternoon!) this week, I just have been too busy!

Tomorrow I'm getting the train at 8.19am to Cornwall for a beach mission trip! Totally pumped. It will be hard work and stressful, but I pray that it will be rewarding and that the kids may be inspired by our love for Jesus. I doubt the weather is going to be as good as it has been this past week (on Wednesday it was 35 degrees!), but I am hoping it shouldn't be too rainy :)

I'll see you guys when I get back!
Say x

ps. I got my "Christmas in July" package from the lovely Emma and I was actually overwhelmed by the care she put into it! I love it all, if your reading this, and I apologise that mine wasn't nearly as cool!


Elisha(: said...

Love your skirt!!

PS- got my tee today!!!! Love it!!

Erin said...

Love that skirt girl :)

Hope your missions trip is going well.

Love you friend!

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...


Amanda said...

Hey lady, I just saw your comment on my internet love post from months ago and I just wanted to stop by and say THANKS! (Though I'm SUPER late, haha!)

Love your style and blog - you seem so sweet. Your trip sounds awesome, have fun!

mrs. dtf said...

your outfit is adorable.