Germany zwei.

Things I loved in Germany:
- Currywurst. (Seriously why have I never tried this before? It was my fifth time going to Germany!)
- Watching "I am Legend" (depressing) followed by "Legally Blonde 2" (total cheese) to cheer us up whilst the boys moan about being forced to watch a girlie film- Tanja and I were fine with it!
- Photoshoots sitting on the curb barefoot as Victor tried to pull a normal face for his bike photos and laughing hysterically when he couldn't
- Running around fields. Enough said.
- Long walks through beautiful German countryside and eating bananas without a knife (don't ask.) and running round a Roman castle in the middle of the Feldberg, the boys carved spears with a pen knife whilst I made flower posies and stuck them in my hair (gender stereotypes, much?)
- Waking up at a stupidly early hour to catch the train to Frankfurt for the flea market, eating currywurst for a pre-breakfast and contracting mild food poisoning, only to have it chuck it down with rain so much so that we get absolutely soaked and have to swap into new clothes at Victor's mum's second hand designer label shop (which I got to keep!!) and then eating breakfast at a posh department store and running into the gay pride parade. This was all before lunch time.
- Staying up talking until 4.30am and then getting up for 7 for our flight.

Such an awesome week. I miss my German friends already!

Say x


Lauren said...

Sounds like an exciting week! I'm glad you had an awesome time:-)

Marie Danielle said...

Sounds amazing! Glad you had such a lovely trip! :-)

Rhianna Nelson said...

It's good to hear that you had such an awesome trip! I know you said don't ask, but doesn't one normally eat bananas without a knife?? :P Great photos :) Rhi xx

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