In the deep...

Right, I'm just going to through you guys right into the deep end, not that I have any guys reading yet. But never mind, I digress. Forget all the 'about me' stuff, I am just going to launch you into my life with a few random explanations on the way.

Ok, so I love Autumn. In fact, it is my favourite season. And why? Well, mostly it's because of the colours :) But also, I love the weather as it is cold and clear so my thoughts are also clear and when its sunny I don't have to strip off and if it is freezing I don't have to wear a hideously unflattering coat.

Anyway, my boyfriend is a photography student and we just went out and did some random photo shoots, one just with me and him and one with my best and only female friend. So here are the results, they are pretty awesome :) I like doing photoshoots because even if I feel awful and almost cry every time I look in the mirror, the photoshoots we do always prove to me I can be beautiful. The first one, for example, we did when I was having THE WORST skin day ever, and, as you will find out, I have terrible skin. So yeah, it makes me feel a bit better. It has been scientifically proven that you are 20% more attractive than you think you are, so just remember that everyone else sees you better than you see yourself. I think I'm starting to realise that.

 And this last one is probably my favourite from the first shoot as I have no idea how I did it but it looks pretty rock and roll :)
So that was the first shoot :) My banner picture is also from this shoot, though again I don't really know how I took something that awesome. My boyfriend is just amazing. Cheers Oliver!

Oh, so here is the second autumn shoot we did, though this was focused more on Lena, so the pictures of me are much more jokey :) I'm not sure she knows I'm putting them on here, but I figure that since they are on good ol' book face that she wont mind lol.

 We were doing the "Baywatch run" or whatever it is :P Unfortunately you can only really see me doing it as Lena is facing more straight on to the camera! I swear she did it on purpose to make me look funny lol

I'm afraid I'm slightly vain and tend to edit pictures with me in them first :P But I will edit more of Lena at some point :) Though it would be to late to show you guys then.

Bye bye now,


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