It's been too long :P

I haven't blogged since Saturday :O My internet is temperamental :( Instead of blogging I have been doing cool things like...

Playing on MacBooks in the iPod shop:

(That's me as a chipmunk)

And playing on guitars worth a LOT more money than we have :P

Oliver really liked this Taylor guitar, I mean it's only just over £1,300 :P When we have lots of money and amazing jobs and win the lottery, we will go and buy a Taylor each, one in koa wood, just like Taylor Swift's.

Other than that we had a grape fight where Oliver ended up smacking his head on the fridge and I have worked for an almost illegally low sum of money- though everyone who works there is nice and I enjoy it :) The shop itself is a bit of a joke because the stuff they give us to sell is so tacky, in fact we have a new bra range designed by Katie Price, doesn't that say enough?

I have been playing with photoshop again, though this one was pretty quick, just over layering a starry sky on to a picture of Oliver- he just randomly climbed on top of a garage on this photoshoot and I snapped his picture :D

Catch y'all later,


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