Zwei Jahren fϋr uns :)

Yesterday Oliver and I celebrated our two year anniversary :) Yay! Though in reality it isn't actually that long, we are going to be together for a lot longer than that :) But anyway, we thought it would be nice to go out for the day, and as we went to Bournemouth last year we decided to go to London- even though we have been a million times before :P Like this time... (look at Oliver's hair! this was only a year an a half ago!)

Lol, we've both changed so much :P We had such a lovely day and the weather was really good, mostly glorious sunshine :D So here are a couple of pictures of our 2 year anniversary and thank you Oliver for an amazing 2 years! :)

We accidentally found M&M world which was pretty awesome as we kept seeing people with M&M world bags and Oliver really wanted to go but we didn't know where it was :P Needless to say, we didn't buy anything, it was all a rip off.


Say :)

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