Love and Cake

I believe in many things; love, marriage, family, community, selflessness, trust, beauty, that everything happens for a reason (summed up perfectly in the Beatles song, 'All you need is love' with the line 'there is nowhere you can be which isn't where your meant to be') and God.

However, I don't think people only fall for one 'right' person. I believe in love, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I believe that anyone in the world could make a good couple. Take any boy and any girl and they could make a life together work if they both tried. 

It’s like making a cake. You mix up a bit of each of them and turn them from separate things into one new, beautiful cake (this sounded cooler in my head). Some cakes are better than (or just different to) others, some people will always have things which annoy you, no matter how hard you try, like me and my ex-boyfriend- we would have made a bad cake, a savoury cheese one with mint chocolate chips and raspberry jam in the middle maybe. We could have made a life together work, but it wouldn’t have been the best life we could have. On the other hand, Oliver and I complement each other, like a banana and chocolate muffin (omnomnom). So just make sure the cake is right, people, before you cook it.

Make of that what you will,


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