When you need wings :P

Last night it was my good friend Paul (basist in The Band)'s 18th birthday :) Having already been to an 18th on Thursday which resembled a school disco with more tarty outfits, I was looking forward to it a lot :)

To start with it was a bit disappointing, not going to lie, because although Paul did cry (n'aww) when he found out about the surprise birthday party, The Band ended up playing for an hour and forty minutes, despite it being Paul's birthday and despite the rest of The Band wanting to enjoy themselves and not work at one of their best friends' party. It was kind of just like another gig, which I found really hard because I had been looking forward to going a bit crazy with Lena like we used to before she was in the band and actually getting to talk to Oliver. After The Band finished everyone (except Paul, luckily) was tired and depressed. So Oliver, Lena and I all got red bull, even though I hate the stuff with a passion, and ended up dancing to thriller, just us and Lena's mum! Oliver and I didn't know the dance so we looked doubly silly, but we didn't really care. So happy birthday Paul- it was his birthday today so he shouldn't have even been drinking last night :P And ta for a good evening. Eventually.

 Trying to learn the steps of 'Saturday night' :P That's why we are both looking at the floor!



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