I know that this whole instagram-photo-posting-thing isn't exactly regular (I was originally going to do insta-saturdays, remember?) But I'm trying my best, ok? 

Anyway, so here are the latest photos from the Droid:

Pretending not to take my photo at college/Picking up the guitar for the first time in years

Greedy guineapigs!/Exploring the garden

 Rocking out to Jesse McCartney/Awkward outfit post in the college toilets!

So yeah, good week!


Say :)

ps. For those of you who commented on my outfits for my interview, I'm definitely going to go with the dress and the blazer! Thanks guys!


Elisha(: said...

love that last outfit!! (:

oh hey, I sent you an email!!

KatySue Pillsbury said...

I'm always messing with my phone camera and taking pictures of myself and the people around me.....glad to know I'm not the only one! =)
The last outfit is really cute!

Elisha(: said...

hey hey hey!! thanks SO much for sending me a shirt!! <3

Rhianna Nelson said...

Cute blog :) Your photos are all so great :) Hope this helps with the 50 followers before your birthday!!! :D Rhi xx


His Little Lady said...

oh gosh, jesse mccartney, love! haven't listened to him in forever!
great images girl!
xo TJ