Day 12> Jazz up jeans

Ok, I know that the jeans aren't really the main feature of my outfit, but I'm wearing them, aren't I? :) I decided to jazz up my Primarni jeans with the dusty pink sheer shirt and matching patterned scarf I got from Lena for Christmas and add random accessories such as the chunky leather watch and ring I got in the New look sale :)

I know it doesn't show massively in the photos, but it was actually miserably drizzling when I took these photos, so I decided to have some fun with the timer and pretend that I was being dragged away by/singing in the rain :P Oh and who would have known that an umbrella is the perfect way to focus a camera whilst doing self-timer! I'm learning fast.


Say :)

Ps. Oliver, I know you will be annoyed with my "photo face" smile, but it was raining!

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