I have a 20 year old sister and it scares me.

My big sister, Annie, turns twenty today. You might remember her from this post. Well, she's all better now :) It's weird because when you are a kid you assume that you will be "grown up" and "mature" by the time you turn twenty, but yet it doesn't really work like that; I'm sure Annie feels exactly as she did yesterday. Anyway, rant over, a very happy birthday to my amazing sister!!

We all went to visit her which was pretty cool because her little town/city thing was all dressed up for Christmas, so for the first time this warm, unseasonably sunny winter, it actually felt like December!

It was really cool, too, because my mother got me a gorgeous necklace from the Christmas market as my confirmation present :) Thanks mum!

We really are related, by the way, even though we don't look anything like each other!

 So, all that's left to say is: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!! We love you :)

Over and out,


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