Day 8> Mix smart and casual

For Christmas I got a DSLR!! A Canon 400D to be exact. Ok, I wasn't exactly double-explanation mark hyperventilating about it as it would seem from the first sentence- I did bid for (and win) it on Ebay so it wasn't a surprise. That said, it is still amazing even though I have no idea how to do self-timer shots in focus with it! You can't really see the difference in photo quality as I compress the photos on my blog anyway, but I am really pleased with it. Oliver has the Canon 500D, so I can borrow his lenses :)

My mix of smart and casual was a plain black, belted skirt (thrifted for a pound!) and a printed tshirt :)

Rest assured, although I didn't take pictures or post anything about the challenge for yesterday (layer accessories if you are wondering), I still did it. I found a set of gold necklaces and wore all of them :P


Say :)

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Grace said...

That's great! Love a good deal! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!