A 5000 word dissertation... for fun!

Tonight was the Extended Project "Presentation ceremony" where I received a bound (And expensive! we had to pay £17.50!) copy of the dissertation I wrote in September for no credit. I know right, crazy? As I worked on it and pretended to work on it and got distracted whilst trying to work on it I kept on questioning why I was doing and EP. But that was the point. I had to motivate myself to write a dissertation of my choice and I found that it could be fun and that if I tried I could actually fill that many words (almost, I got to just over 4000). I was happy with the end result. I was not so happy with the presentation ceremony. The VIP lady who came to shake our hands did the longest, most boring talk about nothing. But still, I got it.

Oh and I suppose I will admit, just this once, that my full name is actually Sarah!


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