It doesn't feel like two weeks 'til Christmas :/

Normally by the 10th December we have put up a tree, received and sent a gazillion cards, bought almost all our presents and planned Christmas day. This year: zilch. It doesn't feel like Winter. Why? Because it is so sunny! Oliver and I went on a train trip and the weather was absolutely gorgeous; clear blue sky, golden sun, the lot. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful and it means that I don't get all miserable and depressed, but it just doesn't feel like Christmas. It feels like September or maybe October, as if Christmas (and exams!) are a long way off. I am so unprepared.

But what is Christmas at the end of the day? Snow and decorations are just things we attribute to the season. Maybe we should take this year to focus on what really matters: the birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas,


Ps. I am always disappointed because the camera on the front of my phone is always so much worse than on the main camera :(

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