Reintroducing The Band :)

Almost every weekend I support Oliver and my friends' band (I introduced them here, before I really knew anything about blogging) at various pubs around the country and this weekend was no different. The pub had a really awesome music 'barn' with music posters strewn over every wall and a drum kit attached to the rafters :)

I heard The Band's original song 'High Heels' for the first time and I was really impressed :) Even though it had been a bit over-hyped, it was really good :) My favourite bit was the breakdown in the middle, but you won't understand because you haven't heard it. If ever they get round to recording it, I'll put it on here so you guys can hear it to!

Over and out,

Say :)


Elle Sees said...

olove the photos. i need to get out into the atl music scene more. If you'd like to win 5 shirts from Stylemint, please enter my giveaway!

Erin said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my post about purity, so thankful to see that others share my heart for purity. stay strong, girl!
your blog is awesome, i'm your newest follower.



Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

How fun that you get to introduce them! And, your pictures are excellent!