Day 9> Monochrome

I totally photo-bombed his macro picture of a berry! He wasn't happy- it was the only one which properly in focus :P

Today was monochrome, and it expressly said that it didn't have to be black and white, but I chose that as my colour scheme anyway :P I'm wearing yet another shirt (stripy this time) and my whole outfit appears to be crumpled but at least I look skinny with the belt :)

Thanks Oliver for the photos! I don't really know how to use my new camera very well and Oliver was round my house so I made him take the pictures today :P

Bye for now,

Say :)

PS. Thank you for any comments people have been making :) Its only a baby blog at the moment and I have a total of 3 followers, so every comment means a lot :)

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The Bookness said...

Lovely photos. The colors and the quality is to adore.

Followed, hope you don't mind. And maybe you'll visit me someday as well.