Awkward and Awesome #2

As I didn't get home in time to take pictures, I thought I would participate in awkward and awesome Thursday instead!

-Wasting however many hours of my life in the cinema watching Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (or something along those lines). Not. A. Fan. It was stunning cinematography, but those slow motion sequences got a bit too much after a while.
-Sitting down to play Articulate with my friends, misjudging the distance between me and the ground and falling over the box backwards.
-A friend of a friend attempting to hug me whilst I was sitting down and randomly hugging the top of my head.. awkward or what? I don't even really know them!

-Spending this week with my German friends, I honestly didn't know whether we would get on like last year but it has been amazing!
-Attempting to play Articulate with the Germans- apparently Hyde Park is in New York?
-Laughing for 45 minutes straight round my dining room table about a joke that went way too far but was actually so funny
-Winning bowling! I never win bowling! And this time we didn't even have the sides up.

And that's definitely not all folks, but I can't put into words exactly how awesome and awkward this week has been so this will have to do,

Say :)

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Elisha(: said...

hahah i alwaayyyss hug weird ;P