Playing photographer :)

Lena and I met when we realised that we didn't massively like the people we were friends with and decided to be friends instead. We used to have P.E (gym class) together and talk about Oliver and her boyfriend, George, dreaming about the future. Now we are kind of living that the future which is pretty cool; she works full time, I'm heading off to University.

Normally I let Oliver take all the pictures because he is insanely good at it. But lately I've been getting a real photography bug and have been wanting to take my own photos as well. So I thought I would drag Lena on a photoshoot in the semi snow once I finished my shift at work. However, as it turned out, I left my camera battery on charge in the staff room and had to phone Oliver to come and bring his camera so we could still shoot some pictures in the last hour of sunlight. He is such a babe. What a strange saying. But anyway, I still managed to grab the camera off him and these are the best photos I got :) Now I just can't wait until the summer so we can go out for a proper, warm photoshoot!

Isn't she beautiful?


Say :)


Elisha(: said...

I LOVE THESE SAY!!!!! =D =D =D <3 <3 you have a talent!! she IS beautiful!! :O

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Gorgeous pics! Her hair is beautiful!

Ginger Tea said...

I like the third picture!!! Thanks for checking my blog!


Ginger Tea said...

I like the third picture!!! Thanks for checking my blog!


Grace said...

She is beautiful! great shots and you guys have an awesome friendship story :)

Stella said...

You host the loveliest photoshoots. Love, love love.