Raw film.

Once, around June/July time, I went through a phase of shooting film. By a phase, I mean one single roll of film, by the way. When Victor came to England and brought his awesome Hasselblad and Canon analogue cameras, I have to admit that I was kind of sad that I never really got into film. So I immediately went out and developed my old roll of film in the hope of finding inspiration and was pleasantly surprised by the results! Now Oliver and I have bought 9 rolls of 35mm film and he has bought three (three?!) different analogue cameras to try out in the hope of finally becoming proper photographers! So I am super duper excited to go for a photoshoot with Lena on Saturday :)


Say :)

Ps. Which is your favourite photo?


Elisha(: said...


Kirsten & Ryan said...

i really like the empress av. photo. good stuff.



Erin said...

I love the picture in the trees! :) gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

Love this post and the raw images!!! Thanks for checking out my blog!