February Sun.

After my last ever shift at work, Oliver and I decided to hit the countryside for some photos in the golden February sun. I started off in just a strap top, but got cold and stole Oliver's leather jacket- I think it suits me better (or it would if it was my size!). As we have no photos of the two of us with my new hair, I thought we'd better rectify the situation and what better place to sit than on a fence. But you can never trust men and Oliver tried to push me off. Just try and find a more beautiful facial expression!

So, despite the height issues, we decided to swap over. Much better.

Happy Sunday, guys!


Say :)


Rachel Marie Brown said...

You are terribly cute! And I wish you had a button because I'd out it up on my page! <3

Elisha(: said...

HEY!! I emailed you!!

Fictitious Fashion said...

I agree with Rachel.. ur very cute.. :)
Yes.. Oliver's jacket looks cool on u..
Thank you for your lovely comment dear :)
New post is up <3