FCP :)

I got my picture back from Free Crappy Portraits! It made me laugh so much, thanks guys! 
I sent them this paragraph:

"I'm a crazy perfectionist nanny who loves writing more than sleep and Oliver is a soon-to-be accountant in a 60s covers band who has a slight obsession with his camera. We share an obsession with Taylor Swift, Bones and Italian food. When we grow up and get married, we want to have enough money so that we can pretend to be posh but I know that we never will actually be posh. I'm kind of in love with charity shops, but Oliver thinks that I dress like a granny. Once we jived underwater. For sure. Well, actually, it didn't work out too well, but we tired, right?"

And they sent me this:

I just love how they made Oliver ginger, and gave T-Swizzle bones for legs (we were talking about the TV series!). So awesome.

Say :)


Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

this is seriously so cool! I'm loving it!

rebecca said...

what?? this is awesome!

Grace said...

this is so fun!!

Catherine said...

I've heard about this service! This is so awesome.

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Erin said...

ha ha ha! Oh my gosh that is beyond awesome!