V. Day

It's Valentines Day and I haven't even glimpsed Oliver's beautiful face yet. To be fair he did buy me this awesome blazer as my present yesterday, but that still doesn't quite make up for it. I can't tell you what I got him, he hasn't seen it yet and I don't want to spoil it. I'll show you tomorrow, I'm pretty impressed with myself to tell you the truth.

This heart shaped pillow was, I believe, from one of my 'boyfriends' (probably the one I got 'married' to :P) when I was five and my mum has kind of adopted it as a sermon prop! But I thought I'd reclaim it to take some V. Day photos :) I do have other, normal outfit photos, but I thought these were way cooler!

On another note, I feel like I'm the only person who still uses the word 'cool' in daily vocab- maybe I need to get with the times!


Say :)

Ps. I dragged Lena out in the freezing cold to take some photos the other day (disaster, I'll explain later) and if you can't wait for me to post them, you can always view a select preview here on my flickr :P


House of Hemingway said...

These are great shots. I saw through some more of your posts and you take some great portraits. I hope you practice more with film, it's the best way to start! :D


Janssen said...

That blazer is AWESOME! (Is awesome a word that only I use now??).

Jaclyn said...

using cool is still hip where i am from! ha! that blazer is cool...and cute!

Nicole said...

i love the heart pillow. i should have made something like that for the valentines party i had with my sisters yesterday. it would have been the perfect prop for our photobooth :)


christine donee said...

love. that. pillow.

I got married at 5 too, by the way. On a trampoline.

I'm a classy lady.