Copy Cat Friday #4

(^this was the best of many failed attempts :P)

For this month's CopyCat Friday series, I thought I'd attempt to copy this picture of Meredith


Her blog was one of the first I ever read and one of the main reasons I started blogging :) She does this awesome 'Picture of the Week' series and a while back she posted three photos of her day in stages and I just loved the second picture! Ever since, I have been set on finding something in that colour combination and this was the closest I could get. Ok, so my jeans aren't brown, more of a terracotta red, but you get the idea :P I was going to attempt to put on lipstick as well but a) I am awful at it so I would have looked like the joker and b) I don't have a coordinating colour like Meredith!

And just a heads up to let you guys know that today was the last day of college and I am so pumped for the holidays! Hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently :D

See ya,

Say :)

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StreetChic said...

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Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

I love this outfit. I think you did a great job of making the outfit your own.

I completely hear you about the red lipstick. I wish I could pull it off, but feel like I fail every time I try.

Jenna said...

Such great scenery, and I love your pixie!

Meredith Tuttle said...

love it!!! you're so gorgeous! thanks for paying me the compliment of being one of your copy cats too, so so sweet! :)