Eats, shoots and leaves.

Portrait session with my beautiful friend, Bee :)

Music inspired couples shoot with Lena and George

And finally an impromptu shoot at the rugby club with The Band!

This week has been cray-cray (I don't know if I can say that, it seems kind of an American phrase!) as Oliver and I are trying to cram in as much practice for the Wedding as is humanly possible! I have learnt so much and even started to listen to Oliver (it turns out it really is better to shoot in RAW!), shock horror! But we are having so much fun with it :) I really liked shooting The Band actually, as I was expecting awful lighting, but I was pleasantly surprised by the floodlights! They are all unbelievably grainy as I shot most on ridiculously high ISO's, but I am pretty happy.

See y'all later,

Say :)


Harley said...

photo shoots are just the best.

charity victoria said...

the couple's shoot photos are so pretty!

Minted Magazine said...

I really like these photos... It just makes me feel good. :)

Minted Magazine


Grace said...

these are so sweet and cute! love it.

Christine said...

this is honestly a really good shoot- the rich colored background with your solid clothes works very well- i love the dark blue storage box too!

We should follow each other! Check out my blog and let me know what you think! my current blogpost is heavy and kinda emotional just giving yo ua heads up . ^__^ oh and you saw hunger games opening day! woooo! :D

God bless