I guess I'd better practice...

Sorry about my lack of posting/commenting/blogging in any way, shape or form but I have had a hectic week! Moving house has meant that I have had no internet access :( And Oliver's dad took my camera to Nepal! But don't panic- I will be back in the blogging sphere ASAP.

On a much more exciting note, Oliver and I have been asked to shoot a wedding! Now, whilst this is very cool, it is also kind of scary. Hence the title of this post: we must practice!! Every Thursday at college I am going to shoot different people to try and get better at portraits :) The photos above are a few shots from my very first practice session with two of my beautiful friends, Trudy and Emily. They aren't amazing, but they are a start!

Watch this space!

Say :)

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Grace said...

excited to see what you have coming up! congrats and you'll make beautiful pictures !