Escape to the country...

Told you I would be in a field. Now, isn't my new home gorgeous? I always wanted a field, in fact, I believe I even wrote a poem about wanting a field- but that's just plain embarrassing.

Sometimes I don't understand why people love England so much, it's kind of grey and rainy and everyone is grumpy. But then I walk into a field like this one, my wellies squelching in the mud, the golden sun streaming over lush green grass. Then I know. Oliver is much more of a mountain person, so he doesn't really see my massive obsession with fields, but I love it. I am so happy to live next door to such beautiful countryside. I hope you guys love fields, too, as I have a feeling they are going to feature A LOT in my future photos! And who can blame me!

See y'all later,

Say :)

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Elisha(: said...

you. are. so. pretty. <33