Letters + Love: introducing Chasing Kite Tails

Guys, I would like to introduce to my dear friend, Rae, who blogs over at Chasing Kite Tails. She runs this beautiful and inspirational project called Letters + Love where she sends letters of encouragement to those who want or need it. As those who read my blog regularly know, my life is a bit cra-zy at the moment, and when I saw her project, I knew that I should get in contact. So I emailed her the situation, and my address- ok, I know I shouldn't give my address to strangers, but she seemed genuinely lovely- and a week or so later, this letter popped through my door. She has an amazing gift for writing and I was so moved by what she wrote. Everything she wrote was both relevant and true. She sent me a beautiful passage from the bible as well as encouragement and support. Thank you so much, Rae :)

Sometimes God speaks to you in extraordinary ways! If you had told me a year ago that support would come from an American woman who I had never met in my life, I would have laughed. But God is so much bigger than just my country, just my church, just my immediate support network. And he has given me a friend just when I needed one.

So guys, check out her awesome site and if you or anyone you know would benefit from a letter from Rae, I'm sure she would love to get to know you too :)


Say :)

Ps. Rae, I'll send you your letter back some time this week :)


Rachel Marie Brown said...

Say, this is absolutely wonderful. I'm posting this link up on my blog and Facebook. You are truly amazing my dear friend. And you have no idea how much I am excited about our new friendship! I am so glad God works in awesome ways. It's so incredible to see pictures of my handwriting and card in England!<3 XOXOXO!!! :)

Megan said...

That is amazing!! I love that she is reaching out to other through her writing and making their days better. What a wonderful person to do that. And YOU are so amazing too!! I'm so glad God answered your prayers through her and it was a boost to you. That is seriously so so cool!

Rachel Marie Brown said...

Megan! Spread the word :) and if you want one let me know! :) pleased to meet you!

Elisha(: said...

i love the third and fourth pictures!! (: