So today (or yesterday, if you are going to be fussy) I got confirmed. And it was pretty amazing. I was volunteered by our temporary youth minister to read my testimony, but I hadn't written it until two days ago. I wanted it to be just right, explaining my journey but not babbling. I finally got it sussed, I even knew exactly how I was going to deliver it, but instead I ended up just crying. I still read it, through the tears and sobs, and I know that this was how God wanted me to share my testimony, with a display of raw, if slightly embarassing, emotion.

A great big thank you to everyone who came and supported me, I honestly didn't think that anyone would come on such short notice other than Oliver and my family (somehow my grandparents ended up coming?), but I was really grateful to the others from my youth group who came. With you guys by my side I hope that my faith just continues to grow and that I will always shine like a light in the darkness.

I was going to post my testimony, but it might be too long-winded, so I might do that at a later date. It's always here if any one wants to see it.

Say :)

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