Kate Middleton, eat your heart out.

First of all, an imaginary gold star goes to the person who can tell me where the quote in my post title is from :)

As a present to myself for finishing my exams and because I just really, really wanted them, I bought myself some nude heels. They make your legs look longer and seriously go with anything (another post for another time, eh?) and I seriously lack proper heels which cost more than £3.50 (I am being totally serious, I used to buy the reduced shoes with my staff discount when I worked at the cheapest chop ever!). And as the papers always go on about Kate Middleton's nude shoes, and I love Kate Middleton, I thought I would come up with Kate inspired outfit for you guys :) She always wears lace and regularly wears blue, so I thought it was pretty fitting.

Also, I figured that if I could have gone to Ascot, I totally would have worn this outfit.

Now I am free from exams and college and all things mandatory, I am looking forward to finally getting my sewing machine and being creative for the summer- I have so many projects already written down in a long list :) I hope to share them with you guys!

Have an awesome weekend, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! (it isn't here!)

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Marie Danielle said...

Love the whole outfit, but the heels are amazing! I need some like that. :-)

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Adorable! I love it, and those heels do make your legs look super long! =)

Jordan Jaked said...

happy sewing!! nude heels are the best! :)

Rae Marie said...

Okay - one: you are SO cute. two: I'd hire you as my stylist and photographer any day. three: I think I just unfriended you on GFC lol but we are still followers of each other. I think when I was first figuring out all the GFC stuff, I added you as a friend instead of following you. LOL but it's all set now :) It sounds weird saying I unfriended you LOL - I LOVE YOU WE ARE MORE THAN FRIENDS ;) We're sisters <3 :)

Lauren said...

Oh how pretty! I just bought some nude heels as well, and they do go with everything. I love them! :-)

Rhianna Nelson said...

This is a great outfit :D I actually read something in a newspaper about Kate Middleton's nude heels yesterday in an Australian paper. It's funny how something so simple can spread so far in this world!

Congrats on being free from all things mandatory!! I'm currently in that situation - it's fantastic. I'm still in my pyjamas and it's 11.33am where I am :D

Looking forward to seeing what you sew!! Rhi xx

The Wildest of Dreams

two birds said...

i love this outfit! it's classy and fun and so pretty. i love the lace, and that fitted blazer is perfect on you! and yes, nude heels go with everything!

charity victoria said...

cutie! this outfit is adorable, and the shoes are the cherry on top. :) xo.

Elana said...

This is so adorable! I'm in love with that dress! :)