Double denim: Yay or Nay?

I don't know what the rules are with double denim. I have never really considered wearing it. Ever. Until today when I chucked on my chambray shirt because it was crazy windy and I was cold. I am not leaving the house today as I am (supposed to be) revising for my exams next week, but just in case I did want to venture out into the big, judgemental world, what way is best to wear double denim? Or should I just save it for cold anti-social revision days?

Happy Father's day!

Say x


Jordan Jaked said...

I think double denim is totally fine the way you have it styled!! As long as it's a light denim and a dark denim, you're golden!! My stage manager for my fashion show had double denim on with a pair of oxfords at our dress rehearsal, and I wanted her outfit so badly!!

Double denim all the way :)

Marie Danielle said...

Double denim is super popular here in Romania.. usually it looks tacky because they have matching "sets" or something cheesy like that...but I have always loved the look of jeans with a chambray shirt!! :-) It is really comfortable and a cute casual look IMO. You look great! :-)